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Welcome to our Web Site!  Laughing

Panda Animation offers animation workshops from age 10 to adult.  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our workshops focus on the Anime genre.   Our three hour workshops provide Anime classes from beginners to intermediate levels.

The intermediate classes will provide character development and expressions.  You will learn how to refine your Anime skills to have your characters show different emotions.

We select instructors with many years experience of Anime drawing.  We provide class sizes with the maximum of 15 students.  This small class size allows more individual attention to students and improves their drawing skill sets.

Artwork by Victoria Ugaki (Instructor)

We feel our workshops can meet the needs of our students.   At the end of the workshops, students should gain more confidence in their artistic abilities and understand the different Anime techniques.
We look forward seeing you at any of our upcoming workshops.

We accept the following :


Artwork by Fiona Quan (Instructor)

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